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I'm Trinity Walker Keefer and documenting lives is my business. I LOVE IT. I was born and raised near Atlanta, Georgia (hang out with me long enough and the southern slang WILL come out!) and am now living my dreams in a tiny home photographing people while traveling across the country. 

Exploring is in my nature and I'm available for travel worldwide. I take a limited number of weddings and lifestyle portrait sessions each year to give my clients undivided attention and service, so contact me soon.  

I'm a sun seeker and specialize in natural light photography. I feel most alive when I'm creating.  

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Talk Soon!  ~Trinity


Good Morning America /  Huffington Post Weddings / Susquehanna Style Magazine / The Inkwell Magazine / Rock n Roll Bride /  First Choice Weddings / Offbeat Bride / /  Free People /             4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine / TopSpeed / Quigley Motor Company / The Parliament Art Organization / YRK Magazine


Spring + Summer     York, PA // Daytona, FL

September               Georgia

Autumn 2016           Cross Country Tour Begins!

2015 TRAVEL SCHEDULE                    

February      Atlanta, Georgia

March-April   Moab, Utah

June              Atlanta, Georgia

August          Central + Northern California

October         Atlanta, Georgia

November     NYC + New Jersey

Formerly SummerHouse Photography. See the story of my rebrand here.


The first cameras I ever used were the paper disposable ones (the ones that wind really loud!)  ///  At any given time I have about 11 pairs of sunglasses in my car  ///  I love to ride motorcycles  ///  I just started learning piano in my 30's  ////  I love to fly, I love to jump out of planes even more!  ///  I cut every one of my t-shirts  ///   I own enough office supplies to start my own store  ///  I'm obsessed with dogs  ///  I'm a beer snob. Want to make my day? Surprise me with a random IPA, though I can still slam PBR's with the best of 'em!  ///  If I could photograph every single event barefoot, I would.. I think shoes just get in my way