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Meet Summer.  She's the talent behind "Lashed out by Summer" … Whether you are looking for a very full, glamorous look or just a natural enhancement for your lashes go see her!  She has been a certified Xtreme Lash Stylist since 2010.  You can literally throw your mascara out the door!  Summer is a beautiful person inside and out.  I highly recommend you meeting her and trying lash extensions. I have bad allergies and for the past 6 months I haven't had to worry with upper eyeliner, mascara and then taking it all off at night.  No more running mascara and it's GREAT to wake up in the morning with no makeup on and STILL HAVE fun flirty lashes!!   See contact info below and let her know you saw her pretty face here!  :)   

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Here's how amazing her work looks on a real client > Stephanie…. 

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Find her at Main Street Beauty Works -  Shrewsbury PA - 717-781-4966  - call to schedule today, you won't regret it!!!