A personal post.... Kermit and Trinity Keefer

Today I want to encourage and inspire you to take chances in life. Don't follow everyone else's path, don't always take the "safe" route. In 2012 I met a cutie named Kermit...and 2 WEEKS LATER packed my bags and drove cross country and back with him in an RV as suggested by my friend Valen (who is now my sister-n-law). Fast forward, we became best friends and got married 2 years ago TODAY. I am forever grateful for those who challenged me to take the leap on an unexpected adventure that led me here. I found my best friend and soul mate. I'm feeling so very thankful for the life and opportunities we have and want to inspire as many people as we can. Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions. Choose to be happy and spread your joy. I am so happy my path crossed with this awesome man. His love inspires me, it's rich and true.