It's time to grow..... 

trinity walker keefer

Come hang out with me in my office and lets chat about taking your business or hobby photography to the next level!  

So, what does this include?  Fun hang out time in my office and we'll cover and do the following: 

* You'll receive professional headshots the day of our session.  From this you'll get a hands on experience of posing and making people feel comfortable in front of your lens    

* We'll cover workflow, business forms, organizing, post processing, etc. 

* Insider info on what programs to use to save you tons of time, best labs for ordering, etc.

* Gear talk, what you need and don't need

* Targeting clients & your niche 

* Question & Answer time

There's plenty of books, sites and videos to teach you about shutter speeds, f-stops and off camera flash, let's chat about capturing true candid moments and creating a photograph with soul.   Learning to take great photographs takes time (a lot of it), discipline, and real life education.  This will jump start you and put you way ahead.   

Price $225  (This is less than the price of a normal session.. so you're basically getting pictures and all the education for less than a session fee!  Yay!! )   

* Pricing and mentor sessions are for a limited time during May and June only, reserve your spot today.  Availability Monday-Sunday   Contact me through the website or directly at 

Unsure if this is right for you? Contact me with questions and let's see if this is a good fit for you :)