A glimpse into my personal life….

Hey y’all ! I’m officially back from Maternity leave and shooting part time. I’ve been shooting recently and have so many fresh faces to share with you but first I’d like to share the most precious… I’d like to introduce our daughter. These images were captured by our dear friend Chelsea Foster the day our babe was born. I was freshly out of surgery and she was only about 3 hours old in these pictures.

We went the whole pregnancy not finding out if we were having a son or daughter and that was SO VERY EXCITING!! We were surprised when we were told we had an 8.7 lb baby girl and she was 21 1/2 “ long! She’s had her own plans of being independent and “going against the grain” since before birth, haha. I had originally planned on an all natural birth but she was breech the entire pregnancy leading to a scheduled c-section for her birth. After 5 days in the hospital it was nice to get home and figure our our new normal. I’d like to introduce Miss Atlas Ruby Elizabeth Keefer, the sweetest little face we’ve ever seen. She will soon become the most photographed face in front of my lens…. but for now I’ve been balancing “survival mode” in the newborn phase (lol) and being in the moment vs. always having my camera in her face.

A million more pics to follow…

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